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Startups and entrepreneur-led businesses face a whole range of challenges. Sometimes, they have a great idea but need help making it a reality – how do you build a company from the ground up?


Equally, they might be experienced business people branching out into a new sector, with a new business model, and want help finding funding and achieving ambitious growth targets.


Whatever your startup looks like, we can provide the backup you need.


Why startups need an accountant

Startups can benefit from an accountant in a wealth of ways – with more than just annual accounts and tax returns.


Creating a business plan 

Every successful enterprise had a beginning – and a plan. You need to get yours right; otherwise, you are flying blind. An accountant can help you craft the perfect business plan to kick off your journey the right way. The best plan will attract investors and help you secure the funding you need to make the first few months and years of your business a success. 


Determining your business structure 

How will you run your business? As a sole trader or a company? Alone or in a partnership? Choosing a business structure that matches you and your ambitions is tough, but an accountant will help you make the right choice.


After that, they will help you set up, whether that means registering you as self-employed, or forming a company and issuing shares.  


Help with securing funding

Securing finance is easier said than done. You have got to show your worth, demonstrate your expertise and create a robust business plan if you want someone to invest in your startup, or a bank to give you a loan.


An accountant will be able to help you with all that while exploring the benefits of other sources of finance with you, from invoice finance to R&D tax credits.


Our accounting services for startups


    • Business setup and compliance. An essential process for any business. We’ll help you establish a strong foundation for your business, and make sure you’re complying with finance regulations so you avoid the possibility of a penalty. 
  • Tax returns and annual accounts. Unlock our years of experience helping startups with their tax and accounting duties. Your tax returns and accounts will be accurate and submitted on time – and we’ll also help maximise your tax savings.
  • Growth planning and data. We want our clients to achieve their goals. We rely on accurate business data to help you realise your ambitions, and get your organisation to where it needs to go.
  • Profit extraction and exit strategies. Running a business should be rewarding, which is why we’ll help you extract profits from your organisation as tax efficiently as possible. Exiting your business doesn’t need to come with a large tax bill either – we’ll do all we can to reduce yours.


Let’s start your business on the right foot

Starting a new business venture should be exciting, not stressful. We’ll help you understand your obligations and pick up some of the admin so you can focus on business. Get the best beginning possible with our support and guidance with all things startup.


Get in touch to discuss your new business venture. 

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Having only ever been an employee since leaving University – and never having owned a business – it was fair to say I was a total novice when it came to the accounting side of things! Business Partners have carefully and patiently taken me through every step of the journey – from setting up my Limited Company to hand holding me through the day to day management of my accounts. I often email them with what feels like an ‘obvious’ question and they never make me feel that way – they are always very helpful and professional but at the same time easy to talk to and good humoured. As my business has grown and developed over the last 2 years, Business Partners’ service has evolved with my needs but continues to provide the same level of expertise – guiding me through this (sometimes daunting!) journey. I trust the team completely and I know my accounts are in very safe hands – I highly recommend them to anyone who might be taking their first steps into business ownership.

Samantha Woozley | Rephrase HR

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