Company secretarial

Sharing the load

Secretarial work involves much more than just organising your company’s documents. While administrative work is one of the main three areas that our secretarial services cover, we will also keep on top of your corporate governance and general compliance. 


Our work does not just stop there, though. We can provide you with support in running your payroll systems or even assist you with company formation. No task is too great or too small for our team.


Why outsource to a company secretarial service?

There are several reasons why outsourcing your company’s secretarial duties could benefit you, here are just a few to consider.


Outsource time-consuming admin

We’re fully aware of the amount of paperwork running a company can involve, so if you have the option to hand over the reins, why not take it?

We will cover all areas of your admin work, giving you the time you need to fulfil your role as a company director.


We’re more than happy to take ownership of your regular reporting to Companies House and HMRC as well as create director’s reports which will give you and your shareholders clear insight into your financial health.


Use an experienced secretary

If you decide to go through the hiring process, you cannot always guarantee the efficacy of your new secretary. It takes time to bring them up to speed with your company’s structure and processes. We can dive straight in to save you the time of training someone up. Our wealth of experience allows us to adapt quickly to any company we work with, so you can rest easy knowing your secretarial work is under control.


Save money on staff and equipment

It is not just time we can save you, but money as well. Rather than onboarding a dedicated secretary and adding them to your payroll, you can just pay for our outsourced services as and when you need them. 


As we’re already set up to take on the role of your secretary, we have all the resources we need at our disposal, meaning you won’t need to invest in new equipment. 


Remove risk from your business

Our team of highly trained professionals will help eliminate any undue risks within your company by carrying out our role accurately and efficiently, ensuring you follow all corporate compliance to a tee.


Our services will also free up your team to focus on their roles, so nothing is left by the wayside.


Setting up and maintaining company records

Keeping accurate and updated business records is essential to running your company. Not only to keep a clear picture of your finances but to stay compliant with Companies House and HMRC.


If you are VAT registered, you’ll need to organise and file everything via Making Tax Digital (MTD)- compatible software. This will become increasingly important when MTD eventually rolls out for self-assessment income and corporation tax.


We’ll relieve you from the stress of constantly updating your records so you can focus on the bigger picture – running your company.


Issuing and selling shares

When a shareholder decides to sell some of their shares, the company’s secretary is the first point of contact in the process. If the other shareholders choose not to buy them out, your company will have to advertise to a third party and, by law, advertise the sale in the national press.


We’ll run the transaction every step of the way, from taking minutes, arranging contracts and even placing the advert ourselves. Each share will be registered and accounted for, we’ll take care of everything.


We’re here to take care of your business needs

Helping you keep your company running is our priority. That’s why we’ll put our nose to the grindstone and take control of your essential reporting. Our team is waiting to hear from you. Save yourself the burden of your company secretarial duties and get in touch today

Talk to someone on our team now

If you want to find out more about our experience, or explore what we can do for your business, get in touch and we’ll schedule an informal conversation.

I have worked with Rob Allin and his team at Business Partners for over 15 years and have found them to be excellent business partners! The company has provided a full range of outsourced finance services and Rob Allin personally has acted as Head of Finance for a number of recruitment businesses that I have chaired. His knowledge of the recruitment sector, together with his speed of response and technical competence, are outstanding and I wholeheartedly recommend him and his team at Business Partners.

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